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Quality Drum Spare Parts & Complete Drum Solutions

Are you searching for reliable drum spare parts or complete drums tailored to your tannery needs? Kymera Group has you covered.

Wide Range of Spare Parts
for all drums

Custom Drum Solutions

Dedicated & Expert Support

Get drums designed to meet your unique specifications.

Find everything from pins and crown wheels to bronze pinions and brake disks.

Our Team is always here to help and find solutions for your needs

Spare Parts

Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.18.55.png
Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.19.15.png
Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.19.57.png

African Wood Azobe and Bolondo

Stainless Steel Doors

Discharge Channels

Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.20.52.png
Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.25.44.png
Pignoni in bronzo  (2).JPG


Crown Wheels

Bronze Pinions

Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.21.37.png
Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.22.15.png
Schermata 2024-03-11 alle 14.23.02.png

Brake Disk

Pneumatic Brake

Liter Counter Maddalena

Drum Solutions

Positioning Sensors

Screenshot 2024-06-14 alle 09.32.06.png
Screenshot 2024-06-14 alle 09.32.23.png


Wireless temperature probe

Screenshot 2024-06-14 alle 09.32.41.png

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