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Non-destructive leather moisture meters

Are you looking for an advanced and portable
Non-destructive leather moisture meters?

Extreme Accuracy


Quick and easy to use

Thanks to temperature compensation it guarantees extremely high precision

The measuring procedure does not destroy the leather surface in any way.

The display immediately shows the absolute leather moisture as well as the temperature

Humimeter LM5

for measuring finished leather products



  • Mobile hand-held measuring device

  • Measurement within seconds

  • Measurement memory for up to 10.000 values

  • Large illuminated LC display

  • Minimum material thickness 10mm

Humimeter LM6

for measuring leather during the whole production process



  • Non-destructive measurement

  • Mobility - the handheld meter is portable

  • Large measuring range 3% - 65% water content

  • Measurement within seconds

  • High accuracy due to temperature compensation

  • Quick determination of the average value

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