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Ironing & Embossing Felts

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Common problems we can help you with...

WIDTH SHRINKAGE: Twisting is occurring. This is usually due to the lack of parallelism of the felt. In new felts, a parallel line is drawn to check if the felt is twisting.

WIDTH ELONGATION AND THINNING: This usually does not cause a problem, but if the elongation and subsequent thinning occur, it may reduce the felt's useful life.

FELTS FORM A WAVE: Check the parallelism of the cylinders, ensure that an appropriate felt is selected for the required pressure. 

FELTS SHEDS FIBER: This phenomenon can occur at the beginning of the felt's life and self-clean during the first few days.

Why our felts can be the right choice?

Forget about

Felt texture is visible
on the leather

Clear print quality

When felt is not pulled tightly enough, leather often comes out with wrinkles/folds. These felts solve this problem!

The felt reached the end of its useful life. The cover has worn out, and the fabric marks the leather.

You have chosen the wrong type of felt or the felt has become too hard.

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