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Pneumatic Hand Shears

Request for pneumatic hand-held cutting machine

Are you looking for a powerful pneumatic
hand-held cutting tool?

100% Made in Italy

Quality and experience
since 1946

Maximum safety
for operators

Italian design and construction

for precision cutting of leather, textile, foam, and other materials

Tradition and innovation, hand in hand to deliver unbeatable precision and comfort

With their safety features and ease of use, they are designed to make the process effortless and comfortable for operators

See how it works

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titoli kymera.png

Select which is best for your needs and get your offer.

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Blade diameter: 50 mm (1.96″), with hard metal counterblade

Blade descr.: 503EEHSS,
6-edges, HSS steel

Blade speed:1900 r.p.m

Cutting ability: 9 mm (0,35″)

Blade diameter: 86 mm (3.4″), with hard metal counterblade

Blade descr.: 86THSS,
8-edges, HSS steel

Blade speed: 1400 r.p.m

Cutting ability: 25 mm (1″)

titoli kymera copia.png

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