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Virtual Tannery

Less costs and more efficiency for your tannery assistance

The first remote assistance service for tanneries all over the world through augmented reality

With Virtual Tannery there is no need for experienced people in the field, so the service costs can be significantly reduced.

Tested and certified with EN166 F and ANSI Z87.1+ standards for industrial use.


Augmented Reality allow technicians to recive real time support from our experts. Thanks to the camera

and the complete connectivity, experts can see directly with their own eyes through a laptop from anywhere in the

world and help the technicians solve the issues.

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How remote assistance
can be a game changer
for your tannery

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Safety complience

See through

Work shift

The first and only augmented reality safety glasses tested and certified with EN166 F and ANSI Z87.1 + standard for industrial use.

All information is available directly in the user's filed of view, who no longer has to look away from the activity and can read all important information at any time.

Works as a personal device, it means that all parts that are in direct contact with the user can be easily disconnected from the optical modulel.

Technical Specification

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Operating System

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